Entrails Update

13 Sep
Today is a lovely day for wif. One of those crisp-makes-you-want-cider-and-donuts fall days with just the right amount of sunshine and delicious breezyness. Also wif’s intestines are all joyfully silent. Obviously wif took special care of them today. Sleeping in. Having a nice warm chocolate chip and pecan cookie with her morning coffee and then rounding out the afternoon with a light junker plate from Tom Wahl’s:
Please note that this photo is only slightly misleading. Wif obviously had a animal-free veggie burger and subbed some very healthful butter and redhot wingsauce for the traditional chockful-o’-cow hot sauce. Also ,this picture is of a original garbage plate, found only downtown @ Nick Tahoe’s with knockoffs abundant throughout the Roch-cha-cha area. The good news is while Tom Wahl’s can’t use the copywritten term “garbage plate” they do use delectable french fries instead of home fries and still stick in some great mac salad under that pile’o’yum.
Since wif returned home and washed it all down with some more java, cookies and some tasty fruity pasta* her body feels so well-nourished and complacent. *Sigh.*
See, all it takes is a little TLC and maybe your aching belly can be cured too…

*In case you’ve been out of the loop: here’s the next best thing to sliced bread (and junker plates and cookies and coffee and chocolate covered strawberries.)———————————————->

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