Top of the Heap Tuesdays – Introduction

16 Sep

Hello friends! You’re in for a real treat today:D

Wif is beginning a new tradition here @ chunkingdunkingblog to share very vital information with the whole wide world.

You see, wif does not EVER buy ANYTHING without wasting far too much time researching. For instance, it takes wif approximately 3.2 hours of research to decide on a new mascara to try. Because of this giant waste of time dedicated investigation wif. Additionally, things tend to go wrong with wif occasionally daily (for instance white hairs at age 12, acne forever, bone spurs and osteoarthritis at age 22, and various unmentionables). Therefore and henceforth, wif clearly needs to have the right stuff to make life work (you know like great hair dye, acne prevention/treatment, comfy shoes, lovely mascara, and other such trivial crucial things).

What does all this mean? Marvelous products carefully winnowed from the masses of overpriced JUNK. And now… for our first TOP OF THE HEAP TUESDAY!!

**(coming tomorrow – sure it’s wednesday but you’ll still love it: guaranteed!)

PS: Wif is yet to find a fitting picture for “Top of the Heap” – ideas welcomed! In the meantime, please enjoy this random photo that brought wif great joy: the cuteness of kitties in frog helmets, even though a)wif is so allergic the photo is making my nose itch and b) this looks poorly photoshopped. dang it.


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