Top of the Heap Tuesday – Clean and Clear Face Wash

17 Sep

Alright, alright– so wif knows you’re all DYING in anticipation for today’s Top of the Heap Tuesday Wednesday. And even though wif’s having to tape her eyelids up to write this she will tough it out because she loves you so…

So without further adieu, may wif present to you, her staple, her own true love, the apple of her eye…

Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin!!

So for most of wif’s teenage years (ok fine and some of her twenties) she was abusive. To her skin. She had struggled with acne since she was born since about the age you start caring about appearance and she was always fighting back. Because that’s how you kill pimples right? Harsh face washes and toxic creams, limited moisture and extra washing. Except guess what? IT’S ALL LIES.

Your face just needs some loving. [Baby, I need your lovin‘…Got to have all your lovin‘] Wif has no idea why one day she made the shift (okay so maybe it had to do with her hours of research) but when she started using this incredible gentle wash (don’t ask wif how it cleans so well – apparently it’s soap free and somehow that’s a good thing?) – in conjunction with several other marvelous goods, wif’s skin has made a complete 180. Smooth skinnnnnnn – it feels so wonderful! And for about $5 for 8 ounces (lasts at least a month!) you really don’t have to put your life savings to work to combat those whiteheaded devils. Truly glorious.

PS: If you don’t believe wif (poor choice) even Paula Begoun – beauty product extraordinaire, back wif up here. Clean and Clear’s Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin is named one of the top 3 Best Cleansers for Normal to Oily Skin for Recession Proof Beauty. So there.

UPDATE: January 26th, 2010 – for wif skin photos (not nearly as risque as it sounds) check out this post about an unrelated topic.

Natural Instincts Hair Color Update


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    […] the whole process, I never do it exactly like the founder recommends.  Instead, I use my own facewash, once a day, and then put about a pea size amount of ‘the treatment’ before bed, […]

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