Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes ala ‘Hello Cupcake’

2 Oct

Update: Seems to me that lots of folks are finding their way over two Baking Life by the Horns en route to this very recipe.  So I figured I’d make it easy for ya and slap it to the front page.  And yes, it’s still just as glorious and delicious as it was last year!  So much so that I’ll even add another photo for ya:)  Enjoy and Happy Halloween kiddos!

Original Post – October 2nd, 2009:

Great news friends:  IT’S OCTOBER.  Why is this so wonderful you ask?

Well believe you me, there is no better reason than ‘October’ to overdue the sugar.  And in case you haven’t noticed, wif kinda likes vehemently ADORES all things sweet.  So to that ends, here is wif’s latest baked good great adventure.

Pumpkiny Patch

Cupcake Pumpkins… or Pumpkin Cupcakes… both really:)  They’re out of the ever-adorable Hello, Cupcake Cookbook and are a complete *blast* to eat make.  They’re light and fluffy like good cupcakes should be but so jam-packed with that nice spicy pumpkiny flavor that makes you want to curl up in a recliner by a fire with donuts and cider (or is that just wif?).  Anyways –  they’re also totally smothered in frosting – also like all good cupcakes should be.  The fun shoots and tentrils were made with Green Apple Laffy Taffy (since Kellogg’s so rudely stopped making Watermelon Madness Fruit Streamers).  And yes, finding a suitable alternative was indeed an adventure on it’s own.  All well worth the effort – wif’s teeth are still rotting in joy even after the last cupcake has been eaten.

It must be noted: Hubby helped.  And he would like deserves some cred.  So thank you, Sir Roller-of the Laffy Taffy and Genius-Behind-The-Very-Lifelike-Little-Green-Pumpkin.  Your ablities with taffy do not cease to amaze me (or do they cease to amaze me – wif can never remember how that phrase is supposed to work.)

pumkiny goodness

Wif would  love to hear of your Autumnal Cooking Adventures:)  In the meantime, wif’s afraid this gray and drizzley day is positively forcing her to take a nap.  Immediately.


4 Responses to “Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes ala ‘Hello Cupcake’”

  1. Tyler October 2, 2009 at 8:01 pm #

    Nope, you’re not alone in wanting cider with these – I had a nice hot mug with mine :]

  2. Nicole October 14, 2010 at 7:18 pm #


    My daughter received the Hello Cupcake book this summer as her birthday present and she wants to make the Pumpkin Cupcakes for this Halloween. I’ve been trying to get the Twizzlers Rainbow Twists as well as the Kellog’s Watermelon Madness Fruit Streamers but coulnd’t find them until I read on your blog that Kellog no longer makes the Streamers and you had to substitute with the Green Apple Laffy Taffy but may I ask where you found the Green Apple Laffy Taffy Ropes (you used the Ropes for your Cupcakes right?)? Would Target or Walmart has them? My daughter and I would truly appreciate if you could help steer us to which stores carry both the Twizzlers Rainbow Twists and the Green Apple Laffy Taffy Ropes. Thank you in advance.

    • twebby October 14, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for dropping by! You’re right that I used the rainbow twists and Laffy Taffy ropes (rolled out to be thinner). Even though I was bummed that I couldn’t find what Hello Cupcake called for – I think the cupcakes turned out super cute!

      We searched and SEARCHED (yes I dragged my hubs on this cupcake adventure) and ended up picking the Laffy Taffy & rainbow twizzlers up at our local Wegmans. I’m not sure where you’re at – so if there’s no Wegmans, I think they also carry them at Rite Aid or Walgreens. If no luck there, Walmart and Target might be your next best bet! I wish I could be more helpful! Enjoy the process and enjoy your beautiful cupcakes!

      PS: Feel free to share your pics!

  3. Jusel November 4, 2010 at 10:10 pm #

    Hey Tessah!

    Thanks again for sharing this idea and for the hints on the frosting. Some friends and I did end up making the cupcakes from scratch with cream cheese frosting. The only thing is, we couldn’t find the Rainbow Twizzlers :(. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Wegman’s, though I thought for sure we’d at least be able to find it at the corner market. Well, even though they didn’t look like a pumpkin patch, they still tasted good, lol, and we just drew designs on with some icing. Anyway, I’ll let you know if it turns out better if we try it next time :).

    Take Care!

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