Wonderful weekend and evil worchestershire…

5 Oct
Wif had SUCH  a lovely weekend that she can’t wait to share about. Absolutely divine.  However, there are too many lovely things to share in a very-quick-wif-must-do-some-homework manner.  So, please be held over by this very quick (and raging) update.  About a sneaky sauce.

Wif’s mum made some delightful chex mix for the sharing.  And wif was really really enjoying it while putting off studying.   Except then something quite awful happened.  A long-lost warning came back into wif’s brain (it was either long lost or from half an hour earlier when mum warned wif as she gave wif the snack). 

Wif’s mum had thought perhaps wif should beware of the delightful chex mix because it contained worchestershire sauce, which mum thought may contain those poor littly fishies called anchovies.  To which wif had retorted “silly mum, you’re thinking of Caesar dressing, of course.”  But guess what: FALSE.  Those little guys are in that impossible-to-pronounce condiment too!  How rude.  No more Worchestershire or mum’s delicious chex mix for wif.  Sad day for the fishes*.

the evil sauce

the evil sauce

*Except there is semi-good news despite this major tragedy.  Some caring people out there in the world do make creature-free Worchestershire.  Fellow animal (yes – even little anchovies!!) lovers – rejoice!!  And consider the following when you’re craving some delightful chex mix.

  • Annie’s Natural Worchestershire Sauce
  • Edward and Sons Worchestershire Sauce
  • The Wizard`s Organic Original Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

or if you’re a little crazy ambitious you can make your own here.


poor little fella...

Poor Little Fella...

Keep lovin’ fellow bloggers… even the tiniest silvery fishies:]   Dirty lying products. A quick google search turned up GUINNESS BEER.  What is happening to the world??? FISH IN BEER!!@%$#@%#$@  argh.  Any other bewildering vegetarian-seeming NON-vegetarian food products that we should be duly warned about??


3 Responses to “Wonderful weekend and evil worchestershire…”

  1. Justin Parker October 7, 2009 at 3:50 am #

    Marshmallows, jello, and a red dye I think is called carmine all have animal products in it. Someone told me some yogurts and sour cream are not vegetarian, but I don’t know.

    • twebby October 7, 2009 at 11:41 pm #

      Yessir – you’re right on Justin – anything with gelatin (marshmallows, jello, ice cream, frosted wheat, gummy bears, even ice cream!) could be considered to include animal byproduct since gelatin is made in a process involving hooves and bones (i believe – but i’d stand corrected – it’s all rather muddled in my head). it’s tragic really!! and i certainly don’t deserve as much credit as vegans – those hardcore animal-dedicated folk who skip out on all dairy products (yogurt, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, etc. etc.) as well as eggs, gelatin, honey and anything else that may have harmed an animal. nice work vegans out there – you rock:) you ashame me in my mediocracy of simple vegetarianism.

    • twebby October 7, 2009 at 11:47 pm #

      PS- i’d never heard of ‘carmine’ before but you’re right on about that too! apparently it’s red dye made by boiling dried insects. awesome – just what everybody would want in thier juice, yogurt or blush. apparently its known to cause some pretty nasty allergic reactions too. go figure that we weren’t designed to be eating SESSILE PARASITES. thanks for the pointer justin!!

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