Top of the Heap Tuesday – Natural Instincts Hair Color

14 Oct
Hubby is dyeing wif’s hair tomorrow.  He’s her fav. hairstylist… mainly because he the hair color costs $4 and can be done in the comfort of wif’s own home sans tipping and scheduling.  Wif may not seem like a super reliable hair coloring resource.  FALSE.  Wif has been dyeing her own hair since she was apprx. 15 years old.  Why you may inquire?  Well mostly because that’s when wif’s hair started going white.  No, not gray.. white.  Which of course is super-awesome and totally rad for a pimply high-schooler.  So after many years of varying degrees of ugly hair (ranging from black to red) Wif has vas knowledge of dyes.  And the winner is…

Mmmm hazelnut... hair.

Clairol Natural Instincts Non-Permanent Hair Color… Shade 20 – Hazelnut.  This stuff is easy to apply (when she gets real desperate she can even do it herself! – nice!).  Its a nice shiny shade of delicious warm brown thats not to dark or too light… but just right  BrownieGoldilocks:)  It really doesn’t damage wif’s hair (is it possible that it makes it thicker and brighter?)  Plus, it’s gloriousness lasts all the way until wif’s striking white roots start to get painfully noticeable.  It doesn’t burn your nostrils out and the shiny conditioner is quite delightful indeed.  Plus this mess is only $4* a month (versus what… $70 for a salon color?).  Come to think of it, this excellent stuff is 100% top of the heap.

Take that white hair!!

Update: January 26th, 2010 (with photos!)

*Crazy wif is always searching for the best deal on her reliable Natural Instincts… there is often $2 coupons in Sunday ads and the local Wegman’s has the lowest price – $5.99 (vs. 8.69 and up most places).  That’s $4 for a month or more of lovely hair. If you’re not near a Wegman’s I’m so so so sorry for you you can time it right for a buy one get one half of (or mebbe *free*!) @ RiteAid/Walgreen’s/Misc. Drugstore.


2 Responses to “Top of the Heap Tuesday – Natural Instincts Hair Color”

  1. Australia April 3, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    It is a good hair color and gives great highlights to hair. I have dark brown hair and some gray and the gray hairs really pick up the auburn, looking as if I went to the salon for professional highlights. without changing my hair color. I simplified the method and it worked just fine.


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