27 Nov

Dear Bloglets,
Why doesn’t that have the same lovely ring as twittlets? Alas.
My sincerest aplogies for the incredibly long delay since wif’s last post. Life has been a bit rollercoastery (alrighty -fine – whose isn’t?). So wif has been exhausted and not-so-much-in-the-Christmas-spirit.
The late-breaking news, however, is that hubby and wif are MOVING tomorrow (yes – you may cheer:]). Wif had forgotten what an incredibly exhausting and tolling process that can be. Wif’s left knee and right foot are shot and the u-haul hasn’t even arrived yet.
That all prefaced – wif would love any last minute-making-your-move-easy (or not so incredibly Hurculean would be nice). And if you were wondering – we’ve already run out of boxes and tape.

Here’s to wif’s next post coming from her very own casa! Well, except it’s an apartment. And hubby and wif sure can’t afford any of that new-fangled technologic. Like internet. So, perhaps it will be coming from the DUNKIN DONUTS THAT IS WALKING DISTANCE:) That had to be in all caps because it’s the key reason that wif loves her new place oh-so-much. Stay tuned for picture and happiness updates and don’t forget to leave you’re bestest advices!


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