Twas the night before moving.

28 Nov

Advance apologies for the inevitable typos and general lack of coherency.  My grey matter is too tired to think and my arms are too tired to move my fingers.  Yes that happens.

So you’d think hubby and wif would just be taping up the last box and sighing a big sigh of about-to-move-relief.  But in fact, hubby and wif are just stapling the last staple as our eyelids become unnervingly hefty.  Stapling?  No, not the boxes silly.  Rather the four antique chairs that we just reupholstered.  Because why not?  What else would we be doing the night before we U-haul it outta here?   Asided from the gazillion hours of homework that wif has, the second round of Thanksgiving food to be made (cupcakes and green bean casserole!), and oh, those unimportant boxes to be packed

But regardless of what we should have been doing… here is what we did.  And give all the idea/houndstooth cred to hubby, this little scheme was 100% his.

Also since wif hasn’t the slightest how to organize those  pretty pictures (courtesy of handy dandy new blackberry – of course the charger to the dead camera is about the only thing packed) and write under each one:  here is the lowdown

Hubby decided that he needed to have those ratty (ratty is an understatement -they were so bad they were RUSTY.  how does material get rusty you ask?  my point exactly) chairs in our new place.  Not only that, but they needed to be the first thing one sees when one enters the Webby home.  Not only that ,but he needed to stop packing go to Jo-Ann Fabric immediately to buy material.  Not only that, but it needed to be houndstooth.  Which doesn’t match wif’s Webby home theme in the slightest looks very unique, and dizzying mostly.  It only took about 3 hours and really – wif must admit, they look pretty saaaaweet.  The only stage that you’re missing is the battle with the staple gun and wif burning old doggy’s eyeballs out accidentally using Pledge to bring the chairs back from the dead.  Singlehandedly. And as you can see Aslan was incredibly helpful and was understandably wiped by the end.  Well done team-Webby.  I guess our guests will be pleasantly dizzied suprised upon entry after all.


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