That’s Eggtastic!

23 Jan

So you’ve opened up the fridge, excited to make a delightful omelet, when, low and behold, you see the dreaded past expiration date on the egg carton.

Fear not little one.

Apparently there are a couple of hints on figuring out whether your eggs are actually bad, aside from the printed expiration date.  Although this may seem a bit terrifying, wif really hates to throw anything out does like to live on the edge, so rather than chuck the dozen eggs that “expired” yesterday, she made some tasty deviled eggs, thanks to this handy dandy checkin’ method.

*Fill a bowl to about five inches in depth of cold water.

*Place the eggs one at a time into the cold water.

That’s it!!

Oh, you want to know what it all means?  Let wif tell you:

*Check that little guy out: if he’s…

  • Sinking to the bottoms and laying on his side… He’s fresh!!
  • Lying on the bottom, bobbing a little… He’s about  a week old – enjoy!
  • Balancing on his little end with his big end pointing to the sky… He’s about 3 weeks old… still safe!
  • Floating to the surface… He’s elderly… Chuck it!

Wif’s eggies were stretching towards the roof, but since she’s a wildchild she still made the deviled eggs.  She’ll let you know if anyone gets violently sick at the family party she’s taking them to they don’t turn out so well.  Check out this post [coming soon] for the recipe:)


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