Lessening the Torture That Is Dishes

23 Jan

Mebbe you’ve figured out on your own that wif creates lots and LOTS of dirty dishes [have you seen how often she bakes vast quantities?].  Gold star for you. Those dishes can be downright painful, especially for those less-privileged who have to hobble along without a dishwasher (hubby does not count in this case). But in her years of experience wif has figured out a few hints on making those stacks of dishes a little less agonizing….

  1. Buy yourself some rubber gloves already.  No part of doing dishes is worthy of chapped and stinging hands or soft nails.  Or if you’re feeling especially fancy… treat yourself to a pair of these classy things…   And everytime you ready yourself for battle … you’ll feel like you’re really going to the ball;)
  2. Bust out that apron… despite the lack of actual baking. Why you ask? Because it will protect your cute new beige Christmas sweater from that red food coloring splash… Yikes!! [See Red Velvet post!]
  3. Have someone paint you something beautiful (if you’re lacking a window – and would otherwise be staring at the wall).  Like your hubby… of your momma’s favorite dishes poem that she likes to remind you of to coerce you into doing the dishes.
  4. Turn up the heat! This is actually two tips in one…  because while cold water makes you feel like crying, hot sudsies allow you to imagine bubble baths and other delightful things.  Also, crankin’ some hot tunes will make your days hours in front of the sink fly.

    This is how I feel now when I do dishes.... Don't be jealous.

  5. Let the good smells roll. And by that I mean… stick a scentport/glade plugin/ etc. near the sink. That way instead of suffering through…
  • Bacon rinds and chicken bones,
  • drippy ends of ice cream cones,
  • Prune pits, peach pits, orange peel,
  • Gloppy glumps of cold oatmeal,
  • Pizza crusts and withered greens,
  • Soggy beans and tangerines…
  • You get the idea ;)

You’ll get to enjoy a little coconut lime verbena or perhaps a hint of cinnamon and clove buds

Ahhhhh, now isn’t that better?!

Now it’s your turn bloglets… what floats your dishes-boat?  Any great ideas to share?!


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