Top of the Heap Tuesday – Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum

3 Feb

And with that… she completed her To Do list. Ladies and gents behold a first in the history of man(wif)kind.

I know right!?  *Cheers in celebration!*  So, on with the productivity, let me present today’s:

Top of the Heap Tuesday: Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

Anyways… wif’s vacuum earns top of the heap honors this week for several reasons:

1) She bought it a year and a half ago and it hasn’t had one single problem *ever*. And perhaps you haven’t noticed the pattern in wif’s life… if there is room for a issue… it finds a way to rear its ugly little head. But not this vacuum, nope, not one issue.  Okay fine, so maybe it broke a belt ONE measly time… jeeze get off wif’s back.

2) After Christmas, wif had to yell at gently correct hubby for vacuuming up about half of the Tannenbaum…  Except then guess what?  She vacuumed.  And something enchanting happened!  A most lovely aroma of spicy pine filled the room (which had previously reeked of bologna… why bologna you ask?  Mostly because wif really hates that icky stuff and has banned it from her home so it was taking vengeance.)  Anyways, it smelled lovely and of course immediate forgiveness was granted… Guess we should vacuum up the holidays completely next year – worked out so dang well.

3) There is stone cold facts to back wif up on this one…  Mebbe they had a *little* something to do with wif picking this sucker;)

And in other news: If you were missing wif – she has a good excuse… in the words of hubby “a wicked case of the voms” has been ruling her life.  But good new friends, she’s alive and kickin’ yet and even had her first cup of coffee in a week *gasp* today.  So let the bloggin (re)begin!!


One Response to “Top of the Heap Tuesday – Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum”

  1. Oyin February 3, 2010 at 2:35 am #

    Welcome back from the land of the voms my friend

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