Top of The Heap – Dove Shampoo and Conditioner

10 Feb

Great news bloglets!  Today’s Top of the Heap Tuesday is a twofer – whatta deal!

As you may have noticed by the Natural Instincts post, wif loves great hair but she is so NOT willing to pay very much for healthy beauteous locks.  That said, she has a steal of a shampoo and conditioner to share with you sweet little ones.

Wif’s new fave are the Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. Why intense therapy you ask?  Let’s remember who were talking to k?   Wif just figures that mebbe she owes it to her hair after dyeing her hair from the age of 15 and shampoos every dang day.  And her hair thanks her for using this glorious product by being shiny and happy:)  These run about $7 for the pair and one can often find coupons in the Sunday ads:)    Sometimes they’re even those giant 33% or some odd amount more free.  And this is one of those *crazy rare* finds that wif did NO research on… just happened to try a free sample and love it.  Even more than her old standby.*  So here’s to $11  a month salon-quality hair**.

*For many years Pantene Pro-V’s Brunette Expressions, they are so shimmery in the bottle and do nice things for the mane… I’d still recommend these little babies and they will run you around $10 for the set.

**Includes shampoo, conditioner and color;)

Any shampoo /conditioner rave reviews or giant thorns from the peanut gallery;)?


2 Responses to “Top of The Heap – Dove Shampoo and Conditioner”


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