Valentine’s Quickie

12 Feb

The Inspiration.. Come to life?

For the brave souls slaving over  whipping up some V-Day cupcakes for their loved ones…

Here are a few short lessons learned from my Hello, Cupcake! Box of Chocolates adventure… of course a more overwhelmingly detailed account will follow this insane winter break beginning/ Valentine’s weekend:)

1. Don’t use foil candy cups “because they’re cutie-patootie.”  They’re not the same as mini-cupcake liners – despite all outward appearances.  They key difference is in functionality.  These don’t function, really at all.  The cupcakes baked up okay (even one egg short!) but when wif tried to dip or spread frosting on them they FAILED (miserably).  The stupid things totally released the cake upon the gentlest touch and I ended up with far too many casualties (which naturally had to be immediately consumed by *moi*).  ANNOYING!

2. Other color liners will be A-OK, you can’t even see them when they’re that tightly packed into a heart box… and speaking of:

3. Buy cheap chocolate. *READ THIS CLARIFICATION*: The world DOES NOT sell empty heart shaped chocolate boxes.  ANYWHERE.  So rather than waste your precious pre-holiday time searching countless stores (Wegmans, Walmart, Target, Michael’s, Joanne Fabrics) just buy the cheapest chocolate you can find (wif’s were from Walmart – $3 for the biggish ones and $1 for the mini hearts).  But plan on chucking the chocolate – turns out chocolate CAN be disgusting – who knew?

4. Don’t get your heart set on pink candy corn. They’re crazy tough to find.  After way too much searching wif found a Jelly Belly Valentine’s mix that contained those elusive Cupid Corn @ Wegman’s.  Then someone pointed out that those rascally candies had been right under wif’s nose the whole time – @ her college’s cafe RIGHT in the academic building that ALL of her classes in.  RARG.  Wif bought that second bag right out of spite.  The first bag ended up having those cute hearts and a version of candy raspberries that could be cut up for one “chocolate” style so it was actually a super discovery anyways.

5. Dipping marshmallows kinda sucks. But in the end tastes really great… figures.  Trying to come up with a better, *less-sticky* method – will def. share!

6. A double batch might be a bit overambitious (yes, even for you crazy baker lady). Wif was planning on spreading my lovely cupcakes around the world… so wif made a double batch of Hello, Cupcake!’s Perfect Cake Mix Cupcakes, mostly in minis – until wif almost drowned in mini-cupcakes 4 hours later – stupid only 2 pans – and switched to full sized just to use up the dang batter.  I used all 100 non-functioning foil cups and still had 14 full sized cupcakes – YINGA! However, I did have a BUTTLOAD of bulk-shades-of-pink candy to back those little guys up:Bulk Buttload

7. Dipped cupcakes are like slippy-slides for pretty pink candies. Maybe wait til they’re well set so you’re candies don’t all head south?

8. Indentations in your cheap-heart-chocolate boxes isn’t a biggie. In fact, it made steadying those babies for the car ride a heck of a lot easier – especially with the M&M’s girding each cake and filling in any gaps nicely!

9. Use a frosting tip for piping on the marshmallows. If you don’t you end up with fugly & chunky lines… like wif’s!  Also be sure to go a bit of the edge with your longways marshmallow piping and use some milk chocolate (not just white) for aformentioned piping.  In this case – just look @ wif’s for what NOT to do;)

How not to pipe...

10.  The bitty boxes fit about 3 cuppycakes. Take a look see…  And please note wif’s crazy breakin’ free/bustin’ outta the mold/free thinkin’ mini-version. Exciting, I know.Baby Box of Cupcakes in Disguise

Stay tuned for the full-length version of the Box of Chocolate extravaganza… coming soon!


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Quickie”

  1. Katie February 15, 2010 at 2:22 am #

    Tessah these are amazing!!! Yours are even prettier (and tastier) than the picture!!!


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