Top of the Heap Tuesday – Rochester General Hospital

17 Feb

Alright – so I know this one is a bit out of our traditional ballpark here…  And sure, Rochester General might not be a swell beauty product but it sure did earn Top of the Heap.  And you know what else?  They do an incredible job at that which most of us would never want to do…

Yesterday wif, hubby and the whole famdamily spent the whooollllee day @ RGH while Grampy underwent surgery for his 2nd battle with cancer. *Just in case one type of cancer wasn’t enough already.* Wif won’t go into the gory details for your benefit but she will list what RGH did quite well.

  • There were several waiting areas that allowed us to be semi-close to Grandpa during surgery.
  • When you walk around looking confused all kinds of nice people in scrubs help guide you little lost ducklings…  And every single desk you went up to they were helpful and sweet.
  • The main surgery waiting room had a great big TV turned-sideways that scrolled through coded names of patients and their current status (operation room, post-op, recovery phase 1, etc.).
  • There were incredibly kind and helpful volunteers in the waiting rooms, they were so wonderful at conveying messages and keeping family in the loop (despite failing cell phone service).
  • There was a sweet looking fancy-pants machine that warmed up blankets for the stressed out family and friends waiting on their loved ones.
  • There was a lady with a basket of treats who came around once in a while.  And yes – treats are the direct route to wif’s house.
  • The doctor’s who came out with the update on Gramps were so timely,  sweet and considerate.
  • And absolutely most importantly: they successfully removed the cancer-monster from my grandpa’s tongue and he will speak again!

So, hopefully you’ll never have to go – well except for cutie baby pies – but if you do – my vote is for Rochester General Hospital.


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