Hose 22 – Delicious Is Worth Chasing

19 Feb

Last night hubby and wif FINALLY celebrated the big V-Day…  partly because we’re all over that fashionably late thing – partly because there were a few delays along the road.  Namely surgery on gramps (something about cancer, hospitals and stress just kills the celebrating mood – go figure) and, more recently, tundra like conditions taking of New York state.  But finally our shining moment came last night and wif was more than ready to be showered in love and gifts revel in the Hallmark holiday.

As always, wif did her homework and decided on a sweet-lookin’ new place all the way the heck out in Irondequoit.  Although hubby was a little disgruntled about making the 45 minute drive in the end he was singing wif’s praises in agreement that Hose 22 was SO worth the drive.  And of course, silly goose, that is BEFORE the renovation…

The place is saweeeet lookin’ – a beautifully renovated firehouse with warm and classy comfortable decor.  Check out this guy’s flickr page to see the gorgeous interior.

We were seated immediately (OK so it was 5 o’clock on a weeknight but still) and our waiter was BEYOND energetic. The overwhelmingness of his excitement was outweighed by his reference to hubby as Ashton Kutcher and wif as Demi.  Sure, she could be wif’s momma but still – *smokin’!*  So, once the waiter had flattered the crap out of the happy couple won us over we ordered off their delectable menu.  Not very often that wif has to make a choice – usually it’s veggie burger, or veggie burger on a wheat bun (exciting eh?).  They had numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd alarms for wif to choose from (fancy firehouse talk for appetizers, salads and pizza) and then one veggie sandwich (5th alarm!) and one veggie entree (6th alarm!).  Wif went with the:

Marinated Roasted Veggies

Grilled veggies, melted mozzarella, Asiago and
red pepper aioli sauce on a seasoned baguette.

You have to wary of roasted veggies – they have an awful tendency to head straight from crisp and luscious to slimy and gookey – ew!  But the Hose nailed these – they were perfectly cooked and marinated and the generous mozzerelly did all kinds of wonderful things.  Did I mention that it was A HUGE sandwich – like a foot long sub *but amazing*.  Plus the sweet potato fried were outrageous.  Crisp not soggy and perfectly seasoned.  And wif did some serious inspecting in order to steal recreate the recipe.  Guess what the secret is! *whoopsies – you’ll just have to wait for the blog about that;)*

Plus it was National Drink A Glass of Wine Day so obviously wif had to get some Firehouse Riesling!  Wif approved of that too.

Hubby went with the:

BBQ Chicken Sandwich

A grilled chicken breast slathered in our house barbeque
and finished with bacon and melted cheddar jack.

(being the carnivore that he is) and the side of firehouse frites (aka fresh cut fries aka GET IN MY TUMMY).  He polished his meal with great satisfaction as well.

So from prompt and wowee joyful service to our delectable meal – it was an A+ performance.  But wait – there’s more!

Did you really think wif would go out to eat without getting dessert.  Get a grip. They offered a brownie sundae, a molten chocolate cake and Cheesecake Factory fromagecakes.  You had me at hello Mr. Hose. After a bit of deliberation we went with the brownie sundae – mostly because the waiter said it with even more excitement than the others and an emphasis on “house specialty.”

It was a divine thing – perfectly warm and done brownie and obviously no shortage on the whipped cream and ice cream.

Hubby and wif proceeded to inhale make quick stuff of the dessert before waddling out and living happily ever after*.

*Especially because the grand total of this ambrosial meal was $30. Yeah – you read that right. 2 huge entrees, wine and dessert.  For $30.  Wowza – we’ll be back for you Mr. Hose – oh, we’ll be back alright.


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