Snow Days… No reward for substitutes

26 Feb

Don’t you agree with wif that substitute teachers should get paid if they’re scheduled to work on snow days?  That way the could rejoice with the rest of the teacher world and not lament the hit on their bank accounts.  Wif is sad – she really loved the job that she was going in for today.  And now she’s stuck at home procrastinating homework instead, and not getting paid for it!  Anyways – the excessive snow reminds me of a few pictures I’ve been meaning to share:

The other day when hubby and wif were house-sitting there was some KILLER packing snow. So what choice did they have but to make some snow people?

Any one have tundra folk of their own to share?


One Response to “Snow Days… No reward for substitutes”

  1. Oyin March 2, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    get out of the Tundra!!!

    p.s. – these are so beautiful!

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