27 Feb

Uhhhgggg.  Sad to see that Baking Life by the Horns looks so rotten on Internet Explorer… what’s with that!  Guh.

Anyways… Wif was scooting right through Wegman’s (please note this is miraculous and unusual) today when she came to one of those stumpers.  She’s making her first buttercream and the recipe calls for heavy whipping cream.  But here’s the catcher-roo.  Wegmans offers heavy cream and heavy whipping cream side by side in their cooler.  And you have to buy a big ol’ bottle of the heavy whipping cream ($5 yinga!) whereas you can get little cup size versions of the heavy cream for significantly cheaper per quart.  Well now we’re in a pickle for sure.  Not to mention it was *right at that moment* that wif got distraction by a most-friendly and encouraging teacher-friend – totally tossing any possibility of rational decisions.  So wif finally grabbed the dang expensive whipping cream and headed to search for cayenne.  But alas, in a moment of stick it to the man-ivness wif decided to turn herself right around and get 2 baby versions of the heavy cream.  So now the mystery remains… did wif make the right choice.  And really… what the heck is the difference between heavy whipping cream and heavy cream?

Google to the rescue :

TheKitchn says:

Whipping Cream: 35% fat
Heavy Cream and Heavy Whipping Cream: 38% fat 

Answerbag says:

According to the U.S. government’s Code of Federal Regulations, heavy cream must consist of at least 36 percent milk fat, whipping cream has at least 30 percent but no more than 36 percent. Varieties of cream are defined by how much milk fat they contain.
– Heavy cream and heavy whipping cream are different names for essentially the same thing: cream that is 36% or more milk fat, and which doubles in volume when whipped.

RecipeZaar says:

Heavy cream, also called heavy whipping cream, is whipping cream with a milk fat content of between 36 and 40 percent. Whipping cream will double in volume when whipped. 

JoyofBaking says:

Wait did that really help at all?  Rarrwwggg – Wif is all kinds of confused – can she haz some help please!?


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