Top of the Heap Tuesday – Batiste Dry Shampoo

2 Mar

Wif is one of those girls. You know – the kind that can hardly go 24 hours without turning into a pumpkin grease ball.
Honestly, as soon as the clock strikes 12 hours since she last showers the dumb grossness starts building – and stick straight hair doesn’t do much to hide it either.  Most of my life I’ve resigned to the daily shower.  Or bidaily.  But, be honest, sometimes that gets old.  Like in the middle of the godforsaken NY winter when you never break a sweat (and your skin threatens to fall off because of the dryness) and just want to go to your crazy-early class without taking yet another shower.  So that’s how the hunt for dry shampoo began.  And here’s where it ended:Why?  Well silly, because after weeks of research wif ended up with the cheapest kind on the market because she wasn’t going to waste her hard earned moolah on a product that may or may not work and is white and made for blondies.  You know like the Oscar Blandi stuff that is $21 for almost half as much product- yipes!!  It’s all about minimizing damage – and $7 isn’t too hard of a hit – especially when you factor in the decreased use of regular shampoo, shaving cream soap, etc. etc.  [Seeeee, you can find an excuse for anything!]

Wif read a few reviews that said this schtuff shows up white on your head – but that’s only happened once when I was holding the can real close to my scalp and it easily brushed away.   None of that granny business that happens when brunettes attempt to de-grease with baby powder.  Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

Here’s the grease ball in action:

Scary... I know. Less than 24 hours after a shower:(

And with some life-savin’ spray action:

All in all, Batiste is definitely worth a try!  I’ve probably used it 12 times so far (generously) and the bottle still feels quite full.  It’s give me a bonus 10 hours or so of non-oil-city hair and even adds body.  It smells a bit like lemon bathroom cleaner – but who cares – it works, and it’s not a overbearing or lasting aroma.  It’s super-easy to use (just flip your head, spray at any problem areas from about 10 inches from head and then run your fingers or a brush through your hair) and small enough to throw in your gym bag.  Just kidding – wif would never head straight from a good sweat sesh to class;) / does it all of the time.

So there you go – a (cheap) dry shampoo for brunettes – quality of life has dramatically improved because of reading this post eh?

Any other dry shampoo thoughts cutie pies?!


2 Responses to “Top of the Heap Tuesday – Batiste Dry Shampoo”

  1. Stevie March 3, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    Question, my bold brunette beauty – is this stuff made specifically for darker hair? I’ve tried two different types (neither as cheap, natch) (nor as expensive as that other one – oy!) but they don’t say that they are for one color or another. Just curious, really.

    P.S. Blondes don’t get to use baby powder either, we look like dandruffy grannies as well. Rumors! Though I’ve heard corn starch works better because it has no talc? Now I’m just rambling – this isn’t a P.S. at all!

  2. twebby March 3, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    Dear Blonde Bombshell, Great news – Batiste is for everyone (not for any particular colors)! It’s def. not just for brunettes :) And I’m sad you’re also a granny-surprise when mixed with baby powder;) I’ve heard about cornstarch too… but still so very white.

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