Easy Peasy Leprechaun Cuppycakes!

3 Mar

Hold the phone, wif is giving you a holiday post AHEAD of the holiday.  I know right?!

And guess what – they’re a piece of cake – ahahahaha I crack myself up!   Please forgive in advance for way to many huge images – cupcakes are so irresistible – especially in hi-def;)

I used 2 recipes out of Hello, Cupcake – the Our Favorite Homemade Cupcakes in chocolate and the Perfect Cake-Mix Cupcakes (in vanilla). This is one of those super-rare instances where the easier route is far more delicious.  The homemade ones were much, much denser – almost like fudge – which I find too heavy for cupcakes.  They were also dangerously unsweet (Even though this usually compliments frosting nicely – too far in this case).  The yellow cake-mix ones are CRAZY yummy – and I even used 1% milk mixed with lemon juice in place of the buttermilk!  And mind you, this is coming from a die-hard chocoholic.  Anywho… here is the winning recipe:

Perfect Cake-Mix Cupcakes

(originally from Hello, Cupcake!)  (You’ll find Perfect Cake-Mix Cupcakes’ evil twin, Irish Cream Crunkcakes here.)

  • 1 box (18.25 oz) cake mix (vanilla, devil’s food, or yellow)
  • 1 cup buttermilk (in place of water called for on the box)
  • Vegetable oil (the amount on the box)
  • 4 eggs (in place of the number called for on the box)
  1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line muffin cups with paper liners.  Don’t bother with two in attempts to avoid the see-through effect… annoying things happen… and you’ll end up throwing the outer liner out.
  2. Follow the box instructions, putting all the ingredients in a large bowl and using the buttermilk in place of the water specified on the box, using the amount of vegetable oil that is called for, and adding the eggs. Beat with an electric mixer until moistened, about 30 seconds. Increase the speed to high and beat until thick, 2 minutes longer
  3. Fill paper liners two-thirds full. Bake 12 to 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean. Cool completely before icing.

And then topped em’ off with... Amazingest Buttercream!


9 Responses to “Easy Peasy Leprechaun Cuppycakes!”

  1. Traci March 4, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    These look really good!! Are you baking them just for you and Jared or for something else…thats a lot of baking my dear! Love reading these blogs? is that what they are? I don’t even know! haha. Just another question maybe I missed it along the way, but where did wif come from? Is that you? I’m so confused with that!! haha Enjoy your cupcakes and Bailey’s and I’ll be over here just enjoying the Bailey’s with no cupcakes :)

    • twebby March 4, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

      TraciBaby, They usually start out out for Jer and I but then I decide that 48 cupcakes are so much more fun than a measly 24 and we end up sharing with anyone and everyone who gets in throwing range. This time it was my parents, in-laws, momma’s teacher friends, some kind folks who shared their truck with us. our small group @ church and Kenneth, Megan, Jill & Aaron. Come to think of it those really made the rounds!

      And regarding ‘wif’ I finally addressed that here… https://twebby.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/wif-out-of-the-woodwork/
      you’re not the only one wondering;)

      • Traci March 4, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

        Thank you for clearing the air my lovely Tessah!! Maybe one day I’ll stop by if your home by surprise and maybe be lucky enough to get a treat!! haha Every time I drive by I beep the horn or I make Dan beep it whoever is driving. Miss you and I’m definitely stopping by so don’t think I won’t! If I see your car I might come knocking!! I’ll text you first :)

  2. Stevie March 6, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    So, recently I heard from some rando source that I cannot remember that you can double line the cupcakes with a pretty liner on the outside and a plain white one on the inside, but I haven’t tried this yet. Would this help at all do you think? Because I have the same problem (even with muffins!) and it makes me so sad.

    P.S. I might have to stop by randomly as well as it seems like there are a constant stream of cupcakes/other deliciousness chez wif.

    • twebby March 6, 2010 at 9:12 am #

      I’m afraid your source is living a lie. Lol- I tried it and the outside ones were completely unattached and just popped right off at the slightest move. Then again, its entirely possible I had el crappo liners that were plotting against me. Anyways, It was a sad day… I guess those nice thick decorative ones might be worth it for some fancy pants treats:).


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