It’s Raining KitchenAids!

5 Mar

The value and some colors of these beauts can be found at trusty Bed Bath & Beyond

Alright – this is EXCITING to the max. You (oh sweet reader of this post) and I both could win a FREE kitchenaid (don’t worry – you don’t have to stop reading there – this isn’t useless ‘to good to be true’ spamminess).  And here’s the thing…  of course wif already has a KitchenAid (haven’t you seen it in billions of dough/frosting shots?
Heck, I even use it for mashed potatoes).

So wif has a secret plan.  If me and a friendy-friend win – I’m going to auction mine (Ebay?) and send every last penny to Haiti relief (either through Compassion International or WorldVision – if you were curious).

How do you go about commenting so we (and Haiti) wins?!  Just head over to Doughmesstic’s blog and comment something like “twebby (if you know my real name – feel free to use that too!)   sent me over here and we both want to win free KitchenAids!” And that nice lady Susan will give us both real, live KitchenAids!*

Let’s reiterate:

  1. Go to
  2. Comment on the blog like aforementioned example.
  3. Follow Doughmesstic on twitter or become a facebook fan.
  4. Twiddle your thumbs and hope we get randomly selected.
  5. When we win – Susan ships your KitchenAid to you and wif’s to her.
  6. Wif auction’s/sells her new lovely KitchenAid.
  7. Wif sends all of the cash money from the sale to either Compassion International or WorldVision for Haitian Relief.

And all it takes is 5 minutes on your part – and think of that win-win-win. Just think of the yummy goodies you’ll be cranking out with your new (insert favorite color here) KitchenAid.  And the kiddos in Haiti who will benefit from about $300 coming their way. Pretty please!?

And while you’re there – check out some of her delliiiicccioousss recipes and fun posts – whatta role model that Susan.

*If one of our posts is randomly selected:)  And if you’re following her on Facebook or Twitter (I am!).


One Response to “It’s Raining KitchenAids!”

  1. Leah March 5, 2010 at 12:44 pm #

    i followed the instructions. hopefully we win! :)

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