Top of the Heap – Oscar Night Baby!

9 Mar

Well… Wif didn’t watch the Oscars. Mostly because she doesn’t have TV.  But also because she has a GIANT paper haunting her life.  So we’ll make this breif.  Here is the shake-down break-down.

Best Dressed on the Academy Awards Red Carpet

Suzy is too cool. Turns out Granz is an apparel and textile design student at Michigan State University. Granz was the winner of a green dress contest and used sustainable materials and techniques for this wonder. Amazing.

You might have noticed… there are no men.  That would be namely because wif thinks all tuxes look exactly the same.  Bo-ring.

Best Non-Academy Award Affiliated Preview

I am left pondering.  How did they capture every trailer of the past decade in under four minutes.  Well done… hat’s off!

Hope you’re having a happy non-sinus headachy Tuesday blogglets!


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