Kids Make Life Cuter

11 Mar

Alright.  So lucky wif.  My grad school time is one part lecture one part playing with cutie pies. This mornin’ when I enjoying a nice little first grade science class (with guppies!) one of the kiddos made an genuinely profound observation in his journal.  He wrote:

The boy is moor friskey.

Oh, sweet little spirit.  You haven’t the faintest how incredibly spot on you actually are.  Wise beyond their years those six year-olds are.

So speaking of six year olds… hubby recently shared one heck of a hilarious video on his blog.  Wif couldn’t resist sharing the love.  Prepare for a good laugh.

The original:

*Wait it out – it will be well worth it!

The new-and-improved:

Alright and just in case that wasn’t out-of-this-world-hilarious enough for ya’… Let’s add a healthy dose of Ellen.  Laughter shall abound.

That’s all for now friends.  My creative energy has been 100% sucked by a dang monster paper.  If anyone is interested in several key techniques, within the context of a read-aloud, that have been shown to effectively support word learning – just shoot me an comment;)  Because I’ll have you know that it is some scintillating stuff folks.  Stuff that steals time for baking.  Yes.  Stuff that sucks happiness and sleep.  Yes.  So hopefully those 3 things will be returning some day in the near future!  Xoxo for now!


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