To Pooped to Pop

1 Apr

Dear Bloglets,

I know I owe  you one heck of a post – it’s been so long!  But I just don’t have it in me tonight.  And let me give you just an eensy picture for you of my day and why I simply cannot muster the strength to share any lovely tidbits with you.  Today wif:

  1. Started the day by scraping the ice off my  car windshield and windows…. Ended it sweating like a beast in the 80 degree weather.
  2. Successfully taught an ‘edible aquarium’ lesson plan to 20 first graders.  Not impressed?  That means:
      • 6.75 cups of boiling water
      • did I mention 20 six-year-olds?
      • 4.5 cups cold water
      • 9 boxes of jello
      • 108 ice cubes
      • 20 baggies, each with 1/4 cup raisins, 2 green gummy “Elodea” and 3 Swedish fish
      • a lesson plan written yesterday from 6pm until 2am
  1. Whipped up a 2 mile walk with a friend, 2 coconut two-tier cakes, and a tidy apartment (with exception to a sink full of cake dishes) during my lunch break.
  2. Got a $500 water bill.  Nope, we have neither a dishwasher NOR a washing machine.
  3. Came home to find the dirty dishes… in the bathtub.  I kid you not.  Nope – not an April fool’s joke – just a logical decision in hubby’s sort-0f-crazy eyes.

So there’s that.  And now this fight with wordpress… just enjoy the extra bullets and pretend those numbers don’t make you very, very angry.  And now I leave you with one of my Easter creations thus far… Sans directions because I just cannot right now.


One Response to “To Pooped to Pop”

  1. leah April 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    2 things…

    1. how in the world did the water bill cost $500? there’s gotta be some sort of mistake. i would call in on that..

    2. so did jared put them in the bathtub to wash them for u…? or did he just think that putting them in the tub would give u an easier time and location to do ur dishes? men.. sometimes… lol.

    poor girl. get some rest!

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