You Sit on a Throne of Lies

2 Apr

Got this in my inbox today:

I guess they forgot to add the asterisk saying “APRIL FOOL’S... our service is neither fast, free, nor easy AND there’s darn good reason its best *selling* because we’re selling it to you- for $52… NOT *giving* it to you for free…  GOTCHA!

Yeah you laugh all the way to the bank TurboTax – because you can rest assured that hubby and wif’s business will never-ever return to you who steal-from-the-low-income-in-a-big-fat-bait-and-switch-that-wastes-hours-and-wears-the-innocent-down.

Welp, hope that was a nice rant to start off your Friday morning:)  HAPPY FRIDAY!  Hopefully more pretty Easter treats to come because:

  • The four-layer coconut cake is in the fridge.
  • The caramel brownie ingredients are in the closet (don’t ask – it’s similar to wif’s version of dishes in the bathtub).
  • The tortellini salad ingredients are piled into the fridge.
  • The ice cream sandwich *cake* ingredients are crammed in the freezer.
  • And the Easter blondies and Fleur de Sel brownies’ pictures are just a’waitin to be uploaded:)

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