Hoppy Hoppy Easter!

3 Apr

I hope you all have a lovely family, friend, and chocolate-filled Easter!  And above all… remember:

He is RISEN!!  Hallelujah!:)

Here are some quick easy Easter treats that don’t even require much in the way of instructions (please see also: I-swear-I’m-making-fun-things-that-I-just-have-one-second-to-blog-about=sad-times:

There was the easy-peasy cookie cake decorated with a little star tip and the Amazingest buttercream topped with some green sugar and malt eggs:

And then there was the fleur de sel caramel brownies all dressed up in edible Easter grass (the new and improved flavor… cardboard!)

*New recipe for those babies coming soon – with less caramel rocks and more ooey, gooey,chewy yumness.

And lastly… The Easter Wreath! All faux flowers, ribbons and fancypants Easter eggs from Michael’s as well as grapevine wreath.  $10 gluegun and sticks courtesy of Wallyworld.  Stick ’em all together and… *tada*!

I think wreath’s just might be my new… lower calorie, calling!

And Katie-doll’s big and beauteous wreath!!  We owned that Michael’s and glue gun both!

Much gratefulness to Miss Wendylyn for the use of her camera.  Which makes everything look glorious…

... She makes me happy - can you tell?

No go eat too much delicious food and praise the Lord… for He is good!


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