Chocolate and Doggies – Two Fave Things – Don’t Go Together

7 Apr

If your here for a dog poison emergency – stop reading and go here immediately: Canine Poisons or Dog/Chocolate Chart. Otherwise, sit down and stay awhile – I’ve got a fun/terrifying tale for ya:)

Blogging is absolutely the last thing I should be doing right now as 3 lesson plans and an IEP lurking on my to do list.  Yep, due tomorrow morning.  But what I’ve got to share is CRUCIAL and potentially time-sensitive.

So this morning I had this mental debate as I was rushing out the door:

“Should I move that candy dish full of chocolate off the end table?”  “No, Aslan’s never touched it before.” “Well, it’s usually jelly beans not chocolate.”  “But it’s all wrapped, and he never even sniff the unwrapped jelly beans.” “Just in case – you should move it.” “Oh stop, he’s trustworthy – you’re overthinking it!”

So I left it,  and sure enough…  when I got home from work there were 5 crumpled up golden wrappers on the couch an the picture frame and candy dish had been knocked off the end table.  Surprisingly, most of those stinkin’ Dove promises were untouched.  \

*Begin panic*

After some very stressed searching of the WWW – I saw some atrociously informal pages about theobromine (the dog-killin’ element of chocolate) with several insisting vets/poison control be immediately contacted and with several pointing out how very much chocolate it requires to harm a dog.  After skimming through lots of info here’s the best that I can gather:

Theobromine in Chocolate Estimates:

  • Milk chocolate contains 44 to 60 mg of theobromine per oz.
  • Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz.
  • Baker’s chocolate 390mg/oz

As far as how much theobromine it takes to poison(there’s a spectrum from mildly poisoned to lethal) a dog your best bet is checking out this impressive and incredibly helpful interactive Dog/Chocolate Chart from National Geographic.  It lets you move the slider to your dogs weight and then shows how much will probably effect him.

Ounces and Grams

My best guess is that our 12 pound (or cockapoo ate about 1.5 oz of Dove’s caramel milk chocolate promises.  If you need to quickly calculate ounces to grams of vice versa – just google the equation and google calculator will show the answer in your search results.

Fortunately, my (feeble) math figures the goodies he ate contained a max of  90 g of theobromine. And the general consensus of most sites was that 20 mg per kg of dog causes mild poisoning.  For our furfriend – that’s about 108 mg of theobromine to be sick. Phew.

Or, using NatGeo’s chart – it seems like it would take 1.73 ounces of milk chocolate to cause Aslan vomitting and diarhea. Right now, he’s passed out on the floor next to me. Plus, he mentioned that he feels pretty bad for stressing me out and eating my fave chocolate.  But who can blame him- he has refined tastes like his momma.

That said, I’m watching him like a hawk and I’ve added the vet and emerency animal hospital’s number to my speed dial.

Like most everything, there was some good that came out of it all.  Like learning that onions, grapes, garlic, coffee, alcohol, macadamia nuts and yeast are all also poisonous to doggies (also according to NatGeo).  Yipes!  And to think, that’s pretty synonymous with a list of wif’s favorite things.  Things that are all too often dropping off of wif’s counter and into the happy jaws below.  Scary.

Bhe wierdest part about all this?  Everytime I walk through the living room another golden wrapped promise is laying mysteriously in the middle of the floor.  Untouched.  And every time I pick them up, Aslan smacks his lips.  What a little goon!!

*OF COURSE – this is not medical advice from a trained professional – if in doubt – get off the internet and call your vet for Pete’s (or Max’s) sake!


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