Another Life-Eater – Literacy Instructional Plan

16 Apr

Where has wif been for the past week you ask?  Well there were several bridal showers, some substitute teaching, 3 barbecues and a bit of field work.  But the brunt of the work… poured into this little bugger.  Synthesizing the entire semester into a 13 page paper – oof.  However, we didn’t have to use any APA or references – so that was kind-of-glorious.  I think it turned out pretty splendidly – (and/or I’m just happy to get that sucker off my shoulders.)

Instructional Plan Beastie

And in other *most wonderful* news: Hubby surprised wif with tickets to WICKED for next weekend!  Hip, hip, HOORAHHHH.

Sure, my doppelganger friend Idina won’t be starring but there’s not a doubt in my mind it will be *the highlight of my month*.  You’re the very best hubby!!!

(Side [altogether unrelated] note: option 2 for doppelganger…. Jennifer Garner!)


One Response to “Another Life-Eater – Literacy Instructional Plan”

  1. Stevie April 19, 2010 at 5:37 am #

    1) I’m impressed – can’t even read that dang thing. (Which I find funny… since its about literacy.)

    2) I’m jealous – Wicked tickets??? Jealous.

    3) You’re adorable.

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