Crazy: Defined

17 Apr

So ever since wif was a bitty peapod people have thought she was a little *crazy.*  [I’m sure the bowl cut and rotating “waterfountain pigtail” didn’t help matters.]  Then she grew up and they’re were convinced she had legit lost it.  And I guess with the whole dating-your-husband-since-you-were-15 and then getting-married-before-you-finish-your-undergrad, maybe they’re onto something.  But I never would have really agreed.  Before now.  Now I’m officially crossing the nutso-line.

How so you ask?

Because we’re attempting to learn about, find and buy a home… IN TWO WEEKS.  Yup, that includes all the dang-mortgagey friggin’, inspections, escrow-in’ crappola, etc. etc.  My heart hurts just thinkin’ about it.  Hubby has only been at his new job for 3 weeks.  But there’s some financial factors that came into play (yesterday) that will only work out if we get in before April 30th (when the first-time homebuyer’s tax credit comes to a screeching halt).

That said, I’m going to go stick my head back into my handy-dandy-overloaded Excel worksheet.  Please pray.  We need it!

Lots of love, stress, and insomnia. -Wif


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