Vegetarians are empathetic – go figure.

1 Jun

So I’ve spent several weeks contemplating posts that would really wow everyone with some of my more successful recent culinary endeavors.  As a result – I haven’t posted a single time since early last month.   My bad.

So rather than continue to waste time thinking – I’ve decided to open the blog up for interesting everyday tidbits – so here goes:)

Stumbled upon this article today on twitter (not to be confused with stumbleupon – the website – those sneaky buggers!):

It’s super interesting and something I’d been chewing on over my last decade of vegetarianism.  Thought about writing my senior paper on it but chickened out (har har) in the face of my very intense, intimidating & meat-eatin’ (read chew-A-students-up-and-spits-them-out-regularly) senior paper advisor.  Instead I went with the correlation between empathy and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors… In fact, I think I shall post it for anyone interested in some light reading;)  But not right now – it just wouldn’t be in the spirit of quick painless posts!


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