Utilizing Empathetic Perspective-Taking to Increase Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behavior on a Broad Scale

2 Jun

(an no, that title is not a joke.  seems like it – but it’s for real son.)

And now for some light (senior paper) reading…

Remember that one time I promised to share the blood sweat and academic tears that was my senior paper?  You know – yesterday.  Welp, I’ve given up on the thought of doing the actually footwork to get published in scholarly journal (I hear it’s a beastly process and there are other, more fun, beasts that I’m working on now) and I’m going to share the fruits of my labor right here right now, with you precious blogglets.  In return – I only ask that if you were to ever quote my research (as if) that you’d do me the same (ridiculous) APA favor and give cred where cred is due.  After all, this paper cost a fair chunk of wif’s sanity!

How about an actual abstract – rather than a attempt at witty summary?  Presto!:

In this study, empathic perspective-taking is examined, especially in regards to pro-environmental behavior.  The history of frameworks that have attempted to explain human behavior is investigated and the current state of research is evaluated.  Basic understandings of both empathy and perspective-taking are considered.  The connection between empathy and the environment and the utility of perspective-taking is studied in order to help develop possibilities for future public application of empathic perspective-taking in regards to pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors.

PS:  Dear Fellow APA Nitpickers,  This was written in 2008.  The APA was different back then.  And no, I’m not terribly interested in going through and making those (slightly absurd) changes – we both know you can read it just fine!

There chunked into little (almost bitesize) pieces – it had to do with printing and grading issues – if it’s legit making it hard for you to look through let me know and I’ll look into melding it into one grand piece;-)

Title Page

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5



Enjoy little ones – and please, I beg of you, let me know what you think!


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