The Genius Problem – A Critique

2 Jun

Things just got a heck of a lot more scholarly on here – scary eh?  You’re probably wondering, “Where did all the pretty pictures of delicious things go?” Me too.  Ask my professors.   But I guess I’m figuring, if I’m putting in the man-hours, I might as well share the fruits of my labor with the world.

So here’s my take on a very interesting article on ‘The Genius Problem,’ a Time magazine article from 2007 by John Cloud.  And when reading – please remember: this is a critique – the assignment involved criticisms (as the name implies;]).  I chose this article because it was intriguing – an interesting topic that deserves more coverage and some freakin’ action.  So it all comes with a disclaimer – this guy’s got a great point – and if you’re tight on time – read his article – not mine!  After all, he’s getting paid to be a good author… not I!

The Original Article: Are We Failing our Geniuses? * and My (Attempt at a) Critique.


2 Responses to “The Genius Problem – A Critique”

  1. Stevie June 2, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    Wow. I just finished reading and am really floored. No naming names, but everyone knows of a district that has such limitations here and there – I had no idea it was such a widespread and systematic problem! What really gets me is that additional support for more gifted students seems to be both supported and resisted by people at all levels of the school system (parents, teachers, administrators, etc.) so it’s near impossible to nail down the source of the problem. And now I’m all sorts of wondering if the same results show up through private schools or charter schools as they do through the public schools discussed. Too many things to think about, cupcake pictures are way easier on the brain.

    • twebby June 6, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

      Glad you found it interesting – really opened my eyes too! Very bizarre the whole mess it’s become. And for the brain-health – I’m def. going to keep focusing on sugary buttery goodness;)

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