The Great Butter Battle

7 Jun

So it’s high time I start going through the (absurd) amount of post ideas, and their accompanying photos, and sharing these useless little gems of knowledge with my favorite bloglets.  And since I’m a very logical person (stop laughing) – where else would I start than with the only ‘A’ folder, waiting in the wings to surprise the world!:

Almond Versus Peanut Butter – A Showdown

I’m sure thousands of you out there spend multitudinous hours in the grocery stores around the world contemplating the question of the ages:  “Should I get almond, or peanut butter?”  Sure taste plays a role in your mental debate, but let’s be real here – they’re both totally toothsome (I know you’re rolling your eyes on that word so I linked it.  Now, since you owe me for questioning my intelligence – I will accept your use of the word in a conversation this week as reparation.) so that can’t really be the deciding factor.  So let us turn our full focus to each spread’s health benefits (okay fine, and just because I love you – cost too).  And since everybody knows how exorbitantly I love Wegman’s – I compiled all my data from their handy dandy website.

Let’s meet the contestants:

Woodstock Farms Natural Almond Butter, Smooth/Unsalted


Wegmans Peanut Butter, Organic, Creamy

Round 1 – Cost:

This was a tough one.  Good ol’ Danny doesn’t sell a store brand almond butter which kinda puts those little almonds at a price disadvantage.  To even the playing field the best I could I chose the organic peanut butter (its ingredients are way more wonderful anyways).  At the end of the round though, peanut butter ($4.49) came up victorious over the more expensive almond butter ($9.69) with a savings of about $4 per 16 oz. jar.*

And the KO goes to: Peanut Butter

*Of course this could always be solved by making your own almond butter (do I smell a new post coming on!?).

Round 2 – Health:

Despite my desperate need to read everything related to health on every label I come across, I’d never actually compared these 2.  Mostly because I make my own almond butter and who’s gonna go through all that icky math. But that nifty Weggie’s site gave me all the info I needed and with a little excel magic I’m pleased to share with you the health round – in table format:

The Great Butter Battle: Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 tbsp
Servings Per Container: 15 Almond Peanut
Calories 180 180
Calories from Fat 140 140
Total Fat 16 g (24%) 15 g (24%)
Saturated Fat 1.5 g (7%) 2.5 g (12%)
Trans Fat 0 g 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg (0%) 0 mg (0%)
Sodium 0 mg (0%) 40 mg (2%)
Total Carbohydrate 7 g (2%) 6 g (2%)
Dietary Fiber 4 g (17%) 2 g (8%)
Sugars 2 g 1 g
Protein 5 g 7 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 8%
Iron 6% 4%
Folate 4% 10%

Kinda surprising how, in 2 TBS. they both have the exact same number of calories and calories from fat! Even total fat is pretty darn close (and rounds to the same percentage of daily value).  Then we start to see the division – almond butter slips ahead of peanut butter by having 1 gram less saturated fat (resulting in nearly half the percent daily value).  Almond butter also nails peanut butter by having zippo sodium while PB packs 40 mg.  Almond butter has an additional gram of carbs per serving, but again – this kinda washes out as it results in the same percentage of daily value.  Gotta give props to almond butter for having twice the fiber.  But perhaps the biggest surprise comes in right at the end there, with PB halving the sugar of almond butter and delivering 2 extra grams of protein.  To be fair, almond butter sneaks in with 8% of your daily calcium (compared to PBs nadda), and 2% more iron.  PB definitely takes the folate crown there with 10% of your daily value vs. almond’s piddly 4%.

So where does all that info leave us?  Can we give a definitive win to either side – they both had several good punches in that round?  While this round may be up for personal preference (what you’re looking for nutritionally), I’m gonna go ahead and declare a winner – based on my professional personal opinion.  I’m a big proponent of lots of fiber and low saturated fat foods- and since those last couple of numbers kinda become obsolete every morning when I take my multivitamin…

And the KO goes to: Almond Butter

Round 3 – Taste:

Tricked ya.  If you were reading carefully – you already know, I‘m not even touchin’ this one with a lightly toasted bagel;)  Remember, they’re both totally toothsome!  This is so dependent on personal opinion – my review would be even more useless than most of what I post.  My advice to you – go out and buy yourself some of both – decide which you like and *stick* with it;)   Or better yet, be like wif and eat both, all the time, your mouth and tummy will love you for it!

And the overall win, and the crown of “Best Nut Butter” goes to…

(drumroll please obviously)


(overwhelming cheering)

Why you ask?  Because can you really put a price on health? I should think not.  And you know what else? It is stupidly simple to make your own delish version of this healthy, vegan snack.  And of course, more details coming soon!  In the meantime – chew on this pic of my lunch:

The real winners in this showdown?  You lovely readers!  Why you ask?  Because you now know just how healthy and delicious both nut butters are and I’m sure you’ll be boosting your healthy intake of them now thanks to moi (OK fine, mostly your persevering reading skills and Wegmans handy website but w/e)!  Hooray!!


2 Responses to “The Great Butter Battle”

  1. Stevie June 7, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    So, true story. I do stand in the aisles pondering this exact thing. (Also… why are there so many kinds of ‘milk’ made from nuts? This is why grocery shopping takes eons, approx.) But here is the real question: can almond butter be made in a kitchen so tiny it is also a bedroom? And if not, do you share? :)

    • twebby June 7, 2010 at 9:00 pm #

      I knew there were people like me out there! Little did I know they were my besties:)

      The nut milk – nonsense. They also “make” it out of beans! Such delicious, delicious nonsense.

      The almond butter requires approx. 6 square inches. But I also share. But only with the cutest pinkie blondes on Earth.

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