Tomato Cages

12 Jul

No time for silliness and cookie photos… today all you poor lil bloglets get is a shopping tip…

Looking for tomato cages in the Canandaigua/Victor/Fairport/Perinton area (because you planted your garden in the beginning of July and just now need some tomato supports;]).  Realized that *everywhere* (everywhere obv. refers to area Lowes, Home Depot & Walmarts) is sold out? (Also – not wanting to spend $10 on each cage no matter how Ultomato they are because thats $50 that would’ve definitely been better spent on oh-I-don’t-know… cupcakes!?)

Fear not young one! Wif just found the secret stash!  Classic tomato cages for $1.50 (the worker boy will tell you 99 cents – he sits on a throne of lies) @ Country Max in Fairport.  AKA the “Store Down Under” according to their website ahahaha.

Fairport Country Max (home of the elusive mid-July tomato cages)

897 Turk Hill Rd. Fairport, NY 14450
Ph: 585-388-1030
Manager: Mark Moran

The store “Down Under”. Take Turk Hill Road to the North side of the canal bridge and follow the signs down under the bridge.

  • Mon – Fri: 8:00-7:00
  • Sat: 8:00-6:00
  • Sun: 9:00-5:00

No need to mention that hubby and wif stumbled onto these after a wild goose chase for pretty cut flowers that ended where things always begin – the mecca that is Wegmans.

PS:  Perhaps you’ve deduced – wif planted herself a garden!  It’s exciting… and of course there’s a ** blog coming on that topic!

*You doubters:


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