Top of the Heap Tuesday –

13 Jul

Excellent news! Wif accidentally got a class ahead on her Learning Through the Arts assignments.  Which means… time to post!  The first top of the heap in far too long!

So I order my contacts online – always.  Why?  Because it saves me billions of dollars silly gooses. That dang optometrist, or ophthalmologist… or whoever that eyeball guy is –  charges literally 3 times more than for the identical product.  He does a good job looking at my eyes and telling me what I need, but it’d be like buying your shampoo @ the hairdresser (okay – I know some of you do – but baby, I got friends in loooowww places – like drugstore shampoo).

I wear Acuvue Oasys’ and I’ve checked my fair share of online retailers (Acuvue themselves,,, etc.) and DCL (you know what I’m sayin’ right?) always has ’em beat – by a fair amount!  And if you spend over $99 you get free shipping!  And my little tip – order lots of contacts when you do order!  It will save you from having to go back to the eye doctor and pay unecessary copays because you ran out of contacts and your Rx expired.  Sure – that’s bad advice if you’ve got serious eye issues or a degenerative disorder – but for the average Jane like moi’s eyeballs – not much is changing on a monthly basis.

Another reason I love DCL – I need more contacts but can’t find my Rx (remember that whole moving 3 times in 18 months?  My life is upside-downish) – and I really don’t want to squeeze an eyeball appointment into my somehow-already-jampacked summer schedule.  So in a (desperate) attempt to save time and annoyance I go through the motions of ordering a couple more boxes – figuring if the Rx was expired/ my eye doctor won’t verify it – I’ll find out soon enough and schedule the danged appointment.  But lo and behold that most amazing company got right on their horse and within one business day my order had shipped!  *Eyes do a happy dance.*

Here’s my order details for interested parties: (I got 5 boxes to qualify for free shipping – both my eyes have the same Rx so I can do that without having 6 extra months of right eye vision;])  Also – be sure to google “ coupon” before you place your order to see where you can save – I used the code bolded below:)

ACUVUE OASYS (Right)    $23.45 * 3 = $70.35
ACUVUE OASYS (Left)    $23.45 * 2 = $46.90
Adjustment: EXSALE08 (10% Off Coupon): $-11.73
Total:      $105.52
Shipping:    $0.00
Sales Tax:  $0.00
Grand Total: $105.52

And I’ll even spare you the math – because I love you THAT much! 6 contacts per box x 5 boxes = 30 contacts / 2 contacts used per month = 15 months of happy eyes for wif!

or: more simply put: $3.52 per contact ! yowza!

All in all, DCL has done me right, low prices, prompt service and no jerking around – which is more than *most* companies we all deal with on a daily basis.  Bravo – you’ve won me over!

PS: One more reason to stay on top of fresh contacts?  My brosef recently got an eye infection from keeping the same pair for too long (over a month).  Seems like an okay way to pinch pennies until your bloodshot eyes ruin that plan!


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