Bridal Shower Cuppycakes

14 Jul

It’s that time of year… shhhh can you hear it?  The pealing of wedding bells off in the distance;) And perhaps you’re even one of the lucky ones throwing the happy couple a shower!  If so – I’m your girl.  Well – I’m your girl anyways of course.  But anyways – the perfect dessert for a cutie pie shower?  You guessed it!

Personalized Bridal Shower Cuppycakes

I used the most delightful Hello, Cupcake semi-homemade cupcake recipe and decorated with tinted canned frosting (gotta save time where ya can).  I stuck with pastel shades (created with Wilton paste*) that matched the wedding’s color themes…

After using an offset spatula to frost the beauts, I just edged them with rainbow sugar.  It’s also crucial that you consume excess amounts of fresh summer berries while you decorate.  Absolutely crucial.

I also melted down white chocolate and piped it out of a ziploc onto wax paper into their initials and of course wedding rings.  After it hardened I used a butter knife to carefully lift them off and place them on the little guys.  And if you’re a spaz like me I’d advise sketching out your letters and ‘tracing’ over that template with the chocolate.

*I must add… these cupcakes were also the source of a long-standing cupcake mystery.   In fact, lots of things make me feel crazy… but this was crazy of a whole new level.  So Jill’s colors were blue, green, white and purple.  So, what colors do you figure I made?  Right.  So then check out this pic and tell me what the problem is?

See that second row of cupcakes – the ones that are a *different* shade of blue. Yeah… those started out purple (see the one in the upper lefthand corner of the previous photo).  And either the sun, or the air, or nothing at all… TURNED THEM BLUE.

Dear Wilton, What is the blue shady business and what did you do with my violet!

Love, Wif


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