Dealio Friday

23 Jul

Hi Kiddos!

Happy Friday! Don’t worry – this won’t be a weekly habit (unless of course it’s wildly popular ;]) but I’m privy to some hecka deals going on right now do I figured I’d share.  But if you get any of these – you must share about it- because of course I’m living vicariously through you!  Especially with the cutie pie wellies;)!

Target Galoshes – $15 plus shipping

View them by price, from low to high, to see all the $15 ones first – there’s tons of them!

And the last dealie – one I had to hit up myself!

3 1/2 lb. boxes (yummy flavor of your choice) of Gevalia coffee for $3 shipped! eeeeee! Comes with a little scoopie guy too.

Or the 3 boxes and a sweet stainless travel mug for $3 (saw this after I ordered mine – bummer!)

You can also choose 2 1/2 pound boxes and a stainless steel travel mug for $6 shipped:)

With these Gevalia deals I think you might have to cancel an subscription after you receive your order – worth it!

Anyone want to join in the Dealio Friday party?  Pray tell!


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