Student Loans (make me crazy)

23 Jul

This will be brief, but just wanted to share quickly what it took me all afternoon to learn:

  • Federal Stafford Loans (both subsidized and unsubsidized) are now serviced by the Feds.  Don’t bother calling your old lender/servicer (mine were Discover and Great Lakes) – they won’t bother to explain your confusion.  Instead they’ll just tell you that your last loan was dispersed long ago and you’re outta luck if you want to make a payment with that recent refund. AKA “Hi my name is rudeface, and by how can I help you I mean – we don’t do that.” How about mentioning that they’re all through now!?
  • Your school might also send you on a wild goose chase when you try to deal with the stupid extra money they keep sending you. Why can’t anyone just be helpful!?
  • You can make a payment through the website – it’s pretty painless too.
  • Even if you applied for TAP long ago (like in March) the award amounts aren’t yet available.  That’s cuz the NYS budget hasn’t passed yet.  Until it does… we get to wait in limbo.  I guess keep checking the ‘In the Spotlight’ portion of for now.
  • Don’t get excited about the Pell grants for postbaccalaureate programs. It’s only for ones that don’t end in a graduate degree.  I’m okay with that tradeoff;)

Does your brain hurt yet?  Mine too.


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