Love me some Toms

23 Jul

Ahhhh… I finally did it and my excitement levels are THROUGH the roof.  Most exhilarating shoe shopping eva.  

Can’t read all that tiny writing?  Let me summarize:

Me: why isn’t it letting me put size 8.5 red calypso’s into my cart?

Tom: bc there’s only one pair left – get on your horse sister!

Me: alrighty then!  let’s do it!

Tom: we’ve got to work quickly to get it through – gimme all ur info.

Me: (quick like a bunny)

Me: HEART POUNDING, NEEDS TO GO LAY DOWN.  Sweet, sweet success!

Mine, all  mine. Well – and that cutie pie kid’s halfway around the country who will be getting a desperately needed pair of shoes!  I love everything about this business model – starting with the fact that for every pair purchased, a pair is given to a child in need (such a basic need that we American’s often dont even stop to consider) to the shoe style and comfort (wore my goldies all around NYC for 4 days straight – and FOR ONCE my bad foot wasn’t in agony!), to how their shoes ‘speak for themselves’ (people are always asking me about them – especially the vegan habitante’s which have moving facts written all over them):  It’s like a built-in message spreader.

Obv.s I have a favorite shoe store eh?  And be sure to google around for promo codes before you order!  I forgot and missed out, but you don’t have to follow in my footsteps;)


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