Bing Cashback and Endless Own My Life

27 Jul

Oh my word. I am SUCH a sucker for a good deal. You know how I’m always ranting about googling for a promo code before you check out? Well friends, today I hit the motherload. I love  They’re probably the most customer-friendly website I’ve ever dealt with (so it’s no surprise they’re associated with amazon) and what’s not to love about an emphasis on shoes and handbags? And THEN, the cherry on top – free OVERNIGHT shipping BOTH WAYS (and price matching!).  Online shoppers heaven to be precise.  Seriously – ordered several a billion items around 1pm today and THEY’RE already shipped.  For free.  Heavenly right? On the otherhand, I always thought I hated  That is, until today.  When bing (and a bit of frigging*) got me A WHOPPING 40% cashback on ALL of my purchasing frenzy .  But to get  this deal you’ve gotta hurry – bing cashback only lasts until the end of July and I’m not sure how long that 40% rate will hang on (apparently it changes daily).

Remember that purse I was looking for? Well, I didn’t exactly end up with one of my previous options, because I found this little lady…  Isn’t she gorgeous?

But somehow (don’t ask me how!) we went from just her to this nonsense:

(guess who just sat on and ruined their sunglasses?  Don’t worry – I don’t intend on keeping all these – just need to try them on and – remember free return shipping!)

The 40% legit took hold of me – because guess who’s also been needing:

a laptop case

a laptop bag

slippers (our kitchen floor still isn’t finished – I’m forced to live in slippers)

a wallet

and running shoes! (don’t worry I’m only keeping one – gots to try them on for comfort)

Yes, this was a crazy shopping spree.  Wif NEVER ever, EVER does things like this.  But here’s the catch – even if I keep one of each thing (obv.s not 2 sneaks or 4 pairs of sunglasses) I’ll come in under $215 (12+71+27+30+13+14+48)… my price ceiling for my new “Coach” bag.  And you know what I’d have gotten from Coach for that same mula? I’d say I came out on top there.

Plus, endless lets you last minute change your payment method when you realize – oops!  Guess who overdrew their credit card in the shopping  extravaganza?

*When using bing cashback:

  • First, be sure to create your account – it’s a multistep process!  I screwed it up the first time but endless was kind enough to cancel my order and let me redo it so as to get the cash back.
  • You’ll need to first go to, search for “endless” (or wherever) and then follow the sponsored link at the top that states how much Bing cashback is being offered.
  • Try to stick in one browser, in one tab.  Nearly impossible for tab addicts like me but Bing is a picking being.
  • All the way through your shopping and purchasing process the bing cashback symbol will be lurking (at every single page with few exceptions – like billing address and info I believe.)  It definitely on your order confirmation page (see mine above with the sunglasses and bag – it’s those little yellow circles you see after each item).
  • You will also be directed to your bing cashback account following your purchase if done correctly.  If this doesn’t happen hop on the phone and get ahold of Endless – they’ll help you cancel and reorder or whatever’s necessary to get that monay!

2 Responses to “Bing Cashback and Endless Own My Life”

  1. Basia July 27, 2010 at 10:31 am #

    Wow! Not only did you kill on the bargain floor, you got in JUST UNDER THE WIRE! bing is discontinuing their cash back program at the end of the month! Anyone who wants to get some great deals needs to jump on this now!


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