Skinny Update #1

27 Jul

Let’s be real here.  Even after 10+ years of acne – I was still *really*excited when my order came last week.  It was darn fast shipping too – got here just 2 days after I ordered!  Weekend was crazy busy (as always) so I’ve been doing a speed treatment.  AKA nothing like what he recommends on the website.  I’m pleased to announce several observations based on my limited experience thus far:

  • Seriously big products. I know I spent $70, but still – seemed like getting my money’s worth for sure!
  • This stuff goes on nice. By that I mean: no burning, stinking, peeling, or tears.  Bonus.
  • Look, ma!  No new pimplies. The old scarring and remainder zits are still semi-lingering but…. they’re not getting worse.  Usually I wake up every morning depressed and the new arrivals.  No longer!  Exciting stuff.
  • My skin feels nice.   I know it doesn’t look good yet… but I’ll tell ya – it’s smoother and not nearly as ‘tight’ feeling as usual.  Plus, that jojoba stuff really hangs around.  Few drops at night and my skin is still supple (fun word) and soft in the AM.
  • Probably more stuff could fit in that flat rate box. That said, if this stuff works, I’d be all for stocking up on one order to last like a year and saving on shipping:)

Have you noticed I always make you “Read On” to see these hideous pics.  Of course it’s on purpose.  So here goes again… blargh.

Day 3yeah I know I'm a greaseball -whatev.


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