The Giant Stuff Review – Part 1 – Failure

5 Aug

Remember that shopping spree I went on last week?  Well the results are in: I have an (online) shopping problem.  You know it’s bad when you’re excited about returning things because the refund seems like money you never had (the change in the couch cushions effect).  Anyways – before I start sending things off, here’s a rundown of everything I bought and what it looks like in real life (we all know online pics can be deceiving!).  Also – please forgive me for the horrible photography. Turns out its kinda hard to take pics of yourself in shoes, sunglasses and carry handbags.  Whatev.

First, the fails:

1.PUMA Women’s Voltaic 2 Sneaker,Dark Shadow/Scuba Blue/Puma Silver,8 B(M) US – These guys were so much uglier in real life!  And the fit like bricks – hard and so uncomfortable, no what you would expect for $80. Bummer – can’t recommend these whatsoever.  Fail Puma.

2. Jessica Simpson Women’s J293 Oversized Sunglasses,Tortoise Frame/Gradient Brown Lens,one size – $38.61 – These came in a great sleeve and seemed high enough quality.  However, they were HUGE.  Hello there bugface.
3. A.J. Morgan Women’s Long Island Round Sunglasses,Tortoise Frame/Smoke Lens,one size – $20. These ones kinda ticked me off.  They were obv.s super cheap, no case, and flimsy as heck.  Don’t really care except they look *nothing like the online pic*.  They were practically clear, with a wierd salmon tint and almost no sign of tortoise pattern. Ick.  Away they go.
4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Maverick 3 Running Shoe,Silver/Lightning/Aqua,8.5 M – $45.  These weren’t too bad.  They fit alright, and were moderately comfortable.  Seems like Aslan like ’em at least.  They just lost out to a more comfy pair really.  Note- if you do order these, go up a half size or so.  These 8.5’s were snug on me and I usually hand around an 8.

5. UNIONBAY Women’s U118 Oversized Sunglasses,Tortoise Frame/Brown Lens,one size – $20.  These weren’t bad either, just kinda chunky.  Plus, I don’t know why exactly but I don’t like it when you can easily see eyes through sunglasses.  ‘Fraid these are probably headed back too:/

6.  Then there’s this – Etienne Aigner Cynthia Shoulder Bag,Camel,one size – $90. I ordered this from endless:

And I got this:

Here are some other views, just in case you’re interested:

Customer service, which is usually great, couldn’t quite wrap their head around the mistake (I wanted this color in the correct style – as shown on the site) so I’m taking it as a sign.  I wasn’t meant to have leather.  I’m okay with that.

And finally, the return shocker:

Remember that one time I said I had finally decided on my new purse?  Courtesy of Jared’s golfing habit.  A decision which definitely took me longer than buying a house. Well, I changed my mind.  I was suffering from WAY too much cognitive dissonance.  And the whole color/style mix-up seemed like a sign from God.  Tessah, you care about animals and you can’t prance around buying leather bags, no matter how long they last.  So goodbye little Etienne Aigner:

I will say, if you’re okay with leather, these seemed high quality, with tons of great pockets.  Just not for me…

So there was all the failure.  Laid out nicely eh?  See the next post for much more successful purchases!


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