Skinny Update 2

5 Aug

Blargh.  I hate these posts.  You and I both would rather be lookin’ at cupcakes… Consider it a labor of love.  Been over a week on regimen.  I’m still a speedster and don’t really follow the directions exactly so I don’t get a right to complain.  No unbearable outbreaks but there have been the occasional zits.  I think what looks the worst might be scarring… bummmmmerrr.  One of the best parts of this regimen?  My skin doesn’t hurt anymore!  It’s happy!  And no dry patches…This is day 10:


One Response to “Skinny Update 2”

  1. Leah August 5, 2010 at 12:49 pm #

    you have acne in the same areas i do, and almost in the same patterns. except mine’s worse. ha. so yes, take heart in the fact that you know someone with worse acne than you. lol. i just had the worst break out i’ve had since freshman year of college. and all i was trying to do was to clear my skin for an upcoming wedding im going to on saturday where im seeing a bunch of people from my past. including my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. my face looks worse than it has in years. AWESOME.
    ur lookin good tho! :)

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