Edible Aquariums

25 Aug

Have a bunch of adorable kiddos that need a science lesson and [healthy snack] on the pronto please and thank you?  How about an edible aquarium!?

I’ve attached my lesson plan… it’s basically teaching a bit about what a ‘model’ is and then encouraging the students to work ‘step by step’ to create their own individual aquaria (like the real one they’ve already built in their classroom) complete with gummy fishies and elodea!  I wish I could post pics of those adorable first graders putting their’s together, the joy in their eyes was entirely captivating but I’m pretty sure that would qualify as illegal or something…  Instead please settle for a fridge shot;)

I based my recipe off of this ‘Cup O Fish’ but we added gravel (raisins) and elodea (plant lookin’ gummies)…  I adapted in for 20 little ones but feel free to tweak to your own needs… The lesson plan itself includes just about everything you could possibly need:)

After they created their aquaria – we stuck ’em on a cookie sheet and into the fridge to set.  While that happened we made a Venn Diagram as a whole class, discussing the similarities and differences between these yummy treats and the real aquarium they’d created.

Here’s the files themselves…  I’m uploading 2 versions (one for Word 2007 and one for older versions) so just click and download to your hearts desire. And, of course, I’d really appreciate just a tiny little reference if you use my work;)

Word 2007: Lesson Plan, Student Directions, Teacher Notes, and Model Examples

Older Word Versions: Lesson Plan, Student Directions, Teacher Notes and Model Examples


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