Kelsey’s Bridesmaids – Blue & Green

27 Aug

Here are some of the initial ideas I’ve put together for Kels.  The inspiration boards are *just* dresses, no shoes, accessories or flowers to consider yet!

And if you’re thinking in your head “How does Tessah have so much time to daydream about weddings that aren’t even her own?” Well, you’re kinda nosy – but I forgive you and say “I’m doing this because I love Kelsey very, very much and also because I’m obviously procrastinating mowing the yard.”  Which might be a theme here.  But the avoidance this time is minus the cupcakes and plus the man who came to the house and first thing out of his mouth was “That lawn really needs a mow!”  Yes that really happened, and yes it really made me never want to mow again.  Take that.

But… I digress!


Product: Sangria Sleeveless Dress
$80 –


(I betcha can’t tell which is my fave…;])

Kelsey - Green

Kelsey – Green by Twebby featuring wedding gowns


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