Baby’s Getting Married!

27 Aug

Good news!  I’ve got a new fiancée to live vicariously through! My darling roomie is engaged and the wedding planning fun has begun:)  And personally, I think a blog is a *wonderful* place for inspiration boards and idea sharing:)

Plus, I just discovered where it was super easy to create an account and start saving dress ideas (or shoes, accessories, etc.).  All you do is drag the ‘clip to polyvore’ bookmark to your bookmark toolbar and then when you see an item you like, clip ‘clip to polyvore’ and it saves it (kind of like amazon wishlists) with price and url info.  Then, you can throw all those pretties together onto an idea board… like this:

Obviously, some items save better than others, but thus is life…  It’s a million times better than bogging down your bookmark manager, especially since it doesn’t require you to remember brands and style names, since pictures are the tag:)

And since I’ve not yet figured out where to add text, I’m gonna go ahead and use this very blog for that… here we go!


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