Peach Peelin’

1 Sep

Turns out wif needed a lesson in peach etiquette.  Apparently, just piling your glorious-farmer’s-market-peaches into a pretty bowl isn’t the ideal storage condition.

Who would’ve thought that peaches touching eachother causes big, fat, uglyface bruises? I’ll spare you the gory photos – let’s just say there were shades and textures new to the human eye.

The saddest part? When wif picked up all those lovely fruits she bookmarked a website on peach storage and preparation.  And didn’t read it ’til 4 days later…

Coulda refrigerated them sooner and saved their little lives – doh.

But alas, wif simply couldn’t bear to throw all of those beauties away.  Only 3 of them (the bottom layer) seemed really unsalvageable, the rest just has spots with the majority of the flesh unharmed.  So, not wanting to lose another peach to the killer that is time, I realized I had to peel those suckers and get ’em ready for the pie-makin!

And most wonderfully, that little tip about stickin’ ’em in boiling water for 30 seconds, then fishing ’em out with a slotted spoon and dunking ’em in an ice bath.  I pay homage to the genius who came up with that little gem.  It was about the easiest thing I’ve ever done in the kitchen.  And don’t worry – I taste tested (half a dozen of) them just to be sure this process didn’t funkify anything – we’re safe.

It makes me want to go back and peel more peaches just for the heck of it. When the heck of it = my belly.

Right now the peach survivors are chilling in the fridge, sprinkled in lemon juice and (cross your fingers) not turning brown.   I might make the pie tomorrow, but Friday would be better for all parties, excluding the peaches themselves.  Consumption is scheduled to take place on Saturday but I think we all know that a fresh and lovely peach pie simply wouldn’t make it from Thursday til Saturday unscathed by greedy hands.

Is it shameful to admit that hubs doesn’t eat peaches? I’m ashamed for him.  Also for my own greedy hands.


One Response to “Peach Peelin’”

  1. Basia September 2, 2010 at 6:10 am #

    YUM! You can use the same scalding/ice trick to peel tomatoes. Also, cut a tiny X into the bottom skin of the fruit before scalding. Gives a zip-pull tab!

    Worked up a hybrid pear butter recipe using less sugar + microwaving to reduce added water. Trying it on peaches later this week. Let you know how it goes? (Typing like I’m still on Twitter…) xo

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