Build Me Up Buttercup Baby

3 Sep

Just to let me down;)

I have a quick rose and a quick thorn on this lovely day-before-a-long-weekend Friday:)

Rose: for for having great prices and wonderful customer service! Since the coldness is already blowing in up here in western New York, I was feeling particularly wistful about the quickly-disappearing buds.  So I got greedy. And looking toward spring I *may* have ordered somewhere in the region of 130 bulbs…. whoopsies!  But in the process I learned a few things:

  • Buttercups are even more prettyful than those I remember as a young’n:

  • You can easily get carried away when ordering flowers, especially when its grey and dreary outside…
  • Holland Bulb Farms has a very nice customer service lady – Thanks Jennie – virtual high five!
  • My entire yard may be packed out with perennials… Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Thorn: To University of Rochester Medical Center – specifically your less-than-stellar Urology Department.  I don’t appreciate your:

  • under-construction/terrible signage/entirely confusing & expensive parking
  • $420 bill (to tell me I have a UTI [no exam whatsoever] and that I should be taking an antibiotic everyday, forever – *awesome.*  I question whether you could be less helpful or genuine?)
  • receptionists who ignore my patient repetition of all information, just to enter it in entirely incorrectly
  • or your repeated sending of “due” bills – which I have already paid online.  Please go away and stop reminding me that you are ripping off society and probably those with real medical problems who can least afford it.

Guh – I have using this blog as a grump-outlet but I find it unfathomable that someone can charge over $400 to talk at me for literally 4 minutes and then write me a prescription.  I couldn’t be less impressed.  Patient care – what a misnomer! Funny how the older you get the less miraculous doctors seem, and the more weight you put in more natural (and intelligent!) methods of caring for your body.  Amping by body full of antibiotics just because you could care less, no thanks!

Alright darlings, thanks for hearing me out – now go order some flowers (I hear they’re natural anti-anxiety treatment;)!) and comment on my last *GIVEAWAY!* post so you can win yourselves a cutie-pie apron!


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