Skinny Updates – From Here on Out

27 Sep

I’m sick of trying to be creative and sneaky everytime I have to show my naked face on the internets.  So from now on, I’m going to just upload them to this and assume if you really care about my skin you’ll check in once in a while:)

Deal?  Awesome. Let the fun begin:This photo was a success.  Why you ask?  Because I caught the one day that my skin really looks pretty darn good.  Also because it shows that I *occasionally* do actually put on real clothes and dry my hair, despite appearances of all other awful skin updates.  Score!   Also – it shows our prettyful backyard:)

50 days in and feelin’ pretty good.  ‘Specially cuz I’ve barely made a dent in my giant bottles and I’m gonna go ahead and tell myself that it’s maybe *really* working!  I’ll keep keepin’ ya updated loves:)

October 21st, 2010 (about 3 months into regimen)

First of all, when on earth did the end of October sneak up on us like that!?  Rude. Second of all, I’ve got another painful picture for ya as well as a little story.

Wif went camping with hubs and her family 2 weekends ago.  Yes – camping. They frolicked on the sandy doons, spent hours flying a kite (yes- flew a kite) and made countless s’mores.  Every bit as fairy tale as it sounds.  ‘Cept of course the subzero nights spent shivering and crying ice tears. But wif did a very dumb thing on this little getaway.  She didn’t bother to bring her ever-important ‘regimen.’

(They’re big bottles people!  And wif had other necessities to think about, like pumpkin pie and giant strawberry marshmallows.)  I guess I just figured that maybe my skin was just improving on its own and I’d be *fine* for 3 measly days.  WRONG!

3 short days later, wif came back to home, sweet, home, every bit a pizza-faced teenager.  Argh!  And don’ t you go trying to blame extraneous factors.  Wif already tried that.  There was zero stress on this trip, and since we were camping, makeup was minimal.  Plus, if you’re terribly nosey, there was no ‘cyclical’ factors either…

It’s been 2 weeks now, and my face has reigned itself back in (shush if you feel differently based on this picture).  And you can rest assured – I will never, EVER make that mistake again!

(Moral of the story – I suppose it was one of those annoying but valuable accidents.  Now I know for sure that this stuff is working!  And at least it happened camping with my fam, instead of, in Vegas with all sexiest friends per se!)

Day Like 100

Things are *not* all roses and peaches here.  My face is the location of a recent uprising, skin versus Tessah, and it’s UGLY.  Which seemed like a great idea to share with the free world in it’s entirety. Excellent:

And let me say this: I sincerely don’t mind continuing to pour out my heart face on here – but it wouldn’t hurt to know that *somebody* out there was benefitting from this.  Whether its finding a better product, treating your skin with a bit more lovin’, or even seeing what *not* to do- gimme something here people!  If not, perhaps that will be my subtle hint to cease posting my icky nekkie face all over the internets.  Because let’s be real here – we’d all be so much happier in the world of make-up.  

Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better!  This week is more of a make-up endorsement than everything.  Ha!  Know this – if I can semi-cover those shiners with cheapie drugstore makeup – there is *so much* hope for the rest of ya’ll!

But seriously – are these posts helping *anyone*? I hate to get ahead of myself but the thought of stopping is just so delicious.


3 Responses to “Skinny Updates – From Here on Out”

  1. oyin September 27, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    You are absolutely gorgeous and you have always been absolutely gorgeous and will always be absolutely gorgeous and i’m convinced your hubby would say the same thing :)

    • twebby October 21, 2010 at 10:01 am #

      takes one to know one;) lol – i hope that doesnt sound snotty and you realize that i’m trying to say how very sexy you are lady.

      although its hard to tell – being so FREAKIN FAR AWAY. come move in with us already;)

  2. oyin September 27, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    p.s. – i love reading your blog. makes me feel like we’re not that far apart :)

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