Chalkboard Wall

20 Oct

So we just redid our kitchen. And it’s like 98.4% complete.  There are 4 knobs that need washers before they can be screwed in and the island can’t be tipped right side up and rolled back in ’til we fix the dang caster (read: wheel) whose ball bearings came tumbing out when we were padding it so as to save the new sexy floor.  And the stainless sink is still covered in ivory paint – bums.

I know that was a mouthful but the important part is:  no whole kitchen photos yet, coming soon, instead – please enjoy our new kitchen chalkboard!

We just used 3 quick coats of Chalkboard Tint Base in Moonlight with a roller (they mix it right at the paint counter @ Home Depot for ya), and framed it with some purdy $7 crown moulding that I picked from Home Depot.   We slapped on a few coats of semi-gloss paint and our incredibly handy man, Dan (Handy Dan, I like it!) cut it to size and stuck that sucker right up there.  Want to know more gory details?  Or are you desperately trying to place this little crevice of our humble abode? How bout some unecessary labels?!:

Eventually (you know when we’ve got our lives at least a little bit together) we’ll probably give it a second coat of our Behr semi-gloss ivory and gussy up the edges where Dan caulked to close the gap that peeks into the black abbyss that is our random fridge cubby.  With green.  A two hour project that saved that crazy cubby and us several hundred dollars in demo.  And now we have something fun for all my obsessive lists.  Maybe someday they’re even be little Webbies to cultivate their inner artist via chalk there.  In the meantime, since I know you’re all dying to know how we afford to live in such home-improvement extravagance here’s a little list of your own:

The Big Budget Breakdown

        • Rustoleum Paintable Chalkboard: $12 and we didn’t even use half of it – chalkboard basement wall anyone?
        • Paint Roller: Free (we had ’em to do the whole kitchen sillies)
        • Two 8′  Pieces of Crown Moulding: $5
        • Bit o’ Behr Premium Paint: Free (again, with the kitchen, you def. need less than a quart tho!)
        • Finishing Nails: $4 (we have a buttload left here too!)
        • Chalk: $3 (I splurged and got white and colors from Michales @ $1.50/box)
        • Eraser: Free.  Maybe because I didn’t buy one yet.  Where does one buy a chalkboard eraser anyways?
        • Gradiose Total: $24


See – toldja we were high rollers;)

And as with all newly painted chalkboards, since you’re not sure whether what you’re writing will every really erase, be sure to write something that you won’t mind keeping, posted on your wall, forever. And ever.


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