Halloween Decor

25 Oct

Hi kiddies!

Don’t know about where you are.. .but fall is in full swing around here.  And with Halloween right around the corner – you know what that means.  Fun decoration time!   Here’s what I busted out this year…

Ready for the breakdown?  Read on!

1. Not feelin’ the cheapo plastic buckets that head straight to the landfill post holiday?  Vaht to do vith your Halloween candy?  How bout some $2 purple/clear vases (vazes?) that you can reuse all year round?  Stack ’em on a cake plate for extra dimension…  Ours are stashed with Reeses peanut butter cups, sour patch kids, swedish fish and the obv. candy corn:)  Duh.  Behind you’ll find our scariest-lookin’ book stack.  Please don’t read the titles – lest you realize how terribly *unscary* we really are.

2. This picture *so* doesn’t do the beauty that is our front window justice.  Purple tiny twinkle lights wrap around the curtain bar and two sizes of glitter skulls dangle threateningly.  With the help of some fishing line and friends.  And pins.. it was a terribly voodoo-like process!  Taking the pics was also a challenge… since Mr. Attention himself decided to hop in…

Then onto the photographer mid-taking…

(No it’s cool doggie – Momma’s not busy or anything!)

3. Spider web candles!  Love it!  Thanks Miss Martha.. PS:  Don’t convince your-cheap-self that you don’t really need canned air because surely a blowdryer will work just fine.  It won’t.. Just buy the dang air – bizarre as it may seem.  However, I did use plain ol’ elmers sprinkled with cheap black glitter from Michael’s.  On an Aldi candle.  I’m cheap – so what?

4. Leftover glitter skulls chill in a sexy martini glass next too $1 black glitter candles (Michael’s strikes again!).  Also perched on the shelf?  Just the cutest kleenex over a lollipop, tied with scrap yarn and permanent-marker face ghosties ever.

5. Last… But certainly not least!  My fave of the season!  3 large candles (Bed Bath and Beyond has perfect sized ones that come in the hurricane and smell like birthday cake – can’t beat it!), wrapped with a simple printout from BHG.com, plopped on yet another cake stand with some leftover vase filler from a birthday party past, and spiced up with some more cute tiny cinnamon vanilla baby candles (also snagged from BBB – they gots coupons – i love ’em!).  Isn’t it prettiful in a spooktastic way?!  Plus, it’s reusability factor is through the roof!

Grand total for the festive beauties?  Around $40.  Finding use for most everything other times of the year?  Priceless…


PS) I may have also yoinked some 60% off glitter pumpkins from Michaels to set outside stocked with candy on the big day (I hacked their tops off like real jackolanterns).  Do you see them lurking in the photo backgrounds?  But that’s neither here nor there.  Nor crafty all.

PSS) Need a quick gift for a wonderful neighbor who still mows your yard for your lazy butt?  How bout a glittered spider web candle, tucked in with some ghosties in a cutie Michael’s to go container?  Meow.

What do you think darlings?  Any spooktacular ideas you’re employing this season!  I’m dying to know…;)

#1 (Shared by coercion: Miss Megan’s Frighteningly Cute Pumpkin Tree…)


2 Responses to “Halloween Decor”

  1. Megan October 28, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    Yay my blog debut, thanks for adding!!

    • twebby October 29, 2010 at 10:11 am #

      You’re very welcome! I’m sure there will be tons more Miss Interior Design so long as you don’t mind me shamelessly theiving your ideas! ;)

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